August 1944 to November 1951

Veterans Administration
Washington 25, D.C.
Notice of Settlement
National Service Life Insurance

To: Gladys Vivian Putman Buxton
5709 Arnsby Place
Cincinnati 27, Ohio

Name: Buxton, John Milton
XC-4 135 758

You are hereby notified that, as a beneficiary of insurance in the amount of $5,000.00 granted to John Milton Buxton by the United States under the National Service Life Insurance Act of October 8, 1940, as amended, you are entitled to monthly payments of $24.90 beginning August 16, 1944, to continue for life with 120 monthly installments certain.

The initial payment under this settlement will be dispatched to you at the earliest possible date. If you should change your address, this office must be notified immediately.

All future communications with reference to this case must bear the File Number XC-4 135 758 and 16-N 6 227 912.

Very truly yours,
R.J. Hinton, Director
Dependents and Beneficiaries
Claims Services

[Jack's Group listing on WPAFB Memorial in Dayton, Ohio]