August 1944 to November 1951

Dear Mrs. Buxton,

I had so much hoped to see you last Sunday, and I suppose that you were rather surprised to find my card in your door.

We had made the trip to Cincinnati to attend the 25th Reunion of the Withrow Class of 1941, on Saturday evening, May 14, at the Netherland. In most respects, it was an extremely enjoyable evening, and we literally spent hours reminiscing. However, there were certain happenings that I had wanted to convey to you personally.

I had not seen Jeanne Aerni (sp?) for many, many years, and after a brief greeting, these were her words, "Charles, do you have a strange feeling?" "Yes, Jeanne, you and I are both thinking about Jack."

Similar conversations were repeated again and again, particularly as I met the many others at the reunion who had gone through Madisonville and Withrow.

I regard this as a great tribute to Jack, that so many have not forgotten, even though the years have had a way of speeding by. It was my particular privilege to have known Jack so well as "a twin," so that my presence would elicit so many comments and questions from our classmates about him.

Many now have lived much longer, but few have accomplished as much as he did in his brief span of years.

You have every reason to be a very proud mother.


Charles Fredrick survived and went on to become a Minister.