August 1944 to November 1951

My Dear Mrs. Buxton,

We have as yet received no further word regarding your son, John, who has been missing in action since August 16, 1944, so I am writing to tell you what disposition I made of the Christmas packages, which had been sent to him in my care.

Two of the packages were given to men who reached our base only a few days before Christmas and would receive no gifts for quite a number of weeks thereafter. I held onto the third package - the light weight one, which had been sent first class - till yesterday, February 6th, when I turned it over to the Statistical Control Officer to be returned to you. It may not reach you for some time, but it is on the way.

I hope that you will receive definite information concerning John soon.

Faithfully yours,
T. Runyan

The package returned to Jack's mother was a tiny Christmas tree with notes tied on to it. The family still has these little "notes."