August 1944 to November 1951

My Dear Mrs. Buxton,

The President has requested me to inform you that the Purple Heart has been awarded posthumously to your son, Second Lieutenant John M. Buxton, Air Corps, who sacrificed his life in defense of his country.

The medal, which you will receive shortly, is of slight intrinsic value, but rich with the tradition for which Americans are so gallantly giving their lives. The Father of our country, whose profile and coat of arms adorn the medal, speaks from it across the centuries to the men who fight today for the proud freedom he founded.

Nothing the War Department can do or say will in any sense repair the loss of your loved one. He has gone, however, in honor and the goodly company of patriots. Let me, in communicating to you the country's deep sympathy, also express to you its gratitude for his valor and devotion.

Please believe me.

Sincerely yours,
Henry L. Stinson