August 1944 to November 1951

Office of the Adjutant General
Washington, D.C.

16 June 1950

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar M. Buxton
5709 Arnsby Place
Cincinnati, Ohio

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Buxton,

I am writing you relative to the previous letter from this office in which you were regretfully informed that a Finding of Death had been made in the case of your son, Second Lieutenant John M. Buxton, 0705311, Air Corps, and that the presumptive date of his death had been established as 17 August 1945.

Under the revised provisions of the Missing Persons Act, the Department of the Army is empowered to establish an actual date of death and issue an official report of death in any case where the circumstances under which that person became missing lead to no other logical conclusion.

Available information reveals that your son was a crew member of a bomber, which was participating in a mission to Magdeburg, Germany on 16 August 1944. According to an eyewitness account, his plane was hit by German antiaircraft fire in the bomb bay, turned over on its back and exploded. Captured German records, now in the possession of this office, report the crash of this plane near Gerwisch, approximately six miles northeast of Magdeburg. These records, which experience has proved are notably accurate in reporting the deaths of personnel, when sufficient identification is available, and the capture of survivors, contain no information to indicate that your son survived and was captured. In view of the above information, plus the length of time, which has elapsed without any indication of his survival, it can only be concluded that he was killed as a result of the explosion and crash of his aircraft. The records of the Department of the Army are being amended, therefore, to show that Lieutenant Buxton was killed in action on 16 August 1944, near Gerwisch, Germany.

Pursuant to the provisions of Public Law 490, 77th Congress, 7 March 1942, as amended, official reports will now be issued by the Department of the Army, which will indicate the actual date of his death as that shown above. The issuance of this official Report of Death will not affect any payment or settlement of accounts, which has been made on the basis of the Finding of Death.

My continued sympathy is with you in the great loss you have sustained.

Edward F. Witsell
Major General, USA
The Adjutant General of the Army