August 1944 to November 1951


January 8, 1951

Please be advised the remains of the late 2 Lt. John M. Buxton are enroute to the United States. You have been previously notified that because of the manner in which he met his death it is not possible to identify his remains individually. Burial of his remains and remains of his comrades will be held in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, Jefferson Barracks, Missouri.

We regret it is not possible at this time to give you a definite date. Burial will take place however. The Superintendent of the National Cemetery will notify you by telegram the date and hour funeral services will be held in sufficient time to permit your attendance at your own expense. It is expected that an interval of several weeks will elapse before delivery can be effected.

Military escort will accompany remains to the National Cemetery. Payment of seventy five dollars interment expense allowance is not, repeat not, authorized since burial is in a National Cemetery. Appropriate joint military honors and religious services will be provided at graveside by Veterans organizations or by military or naval personnel.

Please acknowledge receipt of this message by collect telegram giving full name and religion of deceased.

H.O. Young
Capt QMC