August 1944 to November 1951

(8 remains, 3 caskets)

Wednesday, February 7, 1951 - 1:30 p.m.

Babini, Louis D., Cpl
Brown, Earl T., 2 Lt.
Burkhead, John L., Cpl
Buxton, John M., 2 Lt.
Hinckley, Howard D., 2 Lt.
Kocheran, Alex Cpl
McCoy, Donald M., Cpl
Robinson, James R., Cpl

Burial information:
Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery
<<Buxton>>, John M, d. 08/16/1944
Plot: 84 0 279-281
bur. 02/07/1951

The tremendous contribution of the AAF in ending the war in Europe came at a high price. AAF casualties totaled 34,362 killed with 13,708 wounded, and another 43,035 missing, captured or interned. The AAF lost 27,694 aircraft (8,314 heavy bombers, 1,623 medium and light bombers, and 8,481 fighters) in the European Theater.